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RC Smoke System designed for electric flight

To add to the fun of electric flight we now have smoke systems available for electric models.

Smoke systems for models normally rely on an I/C or jet, where the smoke is created by the heat generated by exhausts and use of the diesel or heavy oils. This is not possible by using a clean exhaust free brushless motor.

The solution for smoke display in electric flight is by using smoke generating solid fuel canisters. These are a derivative of those used in model rocketry and modified to create smoke in colours (with no thrust). Like the model rocket motors they are ignited by electrical heat fuse.

The canisters are available in varying sizes, colours and the volume of smoke generated.
The smoke canisters differ for the type of application that you are likely to use for. The first is the size, which determines the approx length of time the smoke will last and the volume of smoke produced. So in one similar size canister you can have a choice of 2min of thick smoke or 4min of normal smoke. The reason for this is that in use, you may have a fast model or the canister mounted in the fast airflow/prop wash.

We have a range which would suit most of the types of models that we stock. From the smallest of these which is for small parkflyers and shockflyers lasting about 30-40 sec. To large ones which are over 4 min of thick beautiful coloured smoke. There are larger ones available but they would not be suitable in your local field and would be considered a nuisance.

To make the use of Smoke System very easy and practical we have a range of accessories. There are mounts for wing tip and fuselage use, igniters which you can fit to allow you to start the smoke from your TX, spare fuses, etc. If you wish we can create a starter bundle.

We are sure you will enjoy the extra dimension in model flying as budding sky writers but as with most things to do with Aeromodeling there can be a down side and to avoid this please read our special instructions and conditions for the use and purchase of any items in the Smoke System range.

Disclaimer to follow - Please use common sense and think before using these products!